Sun Gazebo

Polycarbonate Roof

SG5-3×3  10′ x 10′ (3 x 3 m)
SG5-4×3  13′ x 10′ (4 x 3 m)

SG5-3.5×3.5  11.5′ x 11.5′ (3.5 x 3.5 m)
SG5-4×4  13′ x 13′ (4 x 4 m)

  • Special
  • Special

Polycarbonate Roof

Can withstand extremely low and high temperatures

Sliding Door

Save space, easy open and close

Tempered Glass Wall

Gives the best view of the outdoors

10 Years Warranty Aluminium Frame

  • Sturdy structure backed by a decade-long warranty, ensuring longevity and reliability for your outdoor space.

Tempered Glass Wall Panels

  • Transparent tempered glass walls provide unobstructed views, blending the outdoors with indoor comfort seamlessly.

10 Years Warranty Polycarbonate Roof

  • A robust polycarbonate roof with a 10-year warranty guarantees protection from the elements while allowing natural light to shine through.

Effortless Assembly

  • Simple construction process ensures hassle-free setup, enabling you to enjoy your space sooner with minimal effort.

Sliding Door

  • Convenient sliding door design provides easy entry and exit, enhancing the accessibility and functionality of the structure.

UV Protection 50+

  • The structure offers optimal sun protection, safeguarding you from harmful UV rays during outdoor activities or relaxation.

Size Specification