U276-200 Hexagonal 6.5′ (2m)
U276-230  Hexagonal 7.5′ (2.3m)
U276-250  Hexagonal 8′ (2.5m)

U276-270 Octagonal 9′ (2.7m)
U276-300  Octagonal 10′ (3m)

  • Special
  • Special

Finial Ball

Long Term Reliability


Strength & Durability

Reinforced Rib Joint

Strong Durable

Rope Pulley System

Easy open and close

Locking Ball

Strengthen The Fixation Between Upper and Lower Pole

Rib Pocket

Attach The Canopy To The Frame

Sunshine & Rain

UV Protection & Water Repellent

Durble Canopy

Air Vent

  • Optional Features
  • Optional Features

Resin Rolling Base

Movable with 4 wheels

Water Base

Can be filled with water or sand (or both)

Resin Base

With 2 tubes